VIVEN HEALTH Betrayed by Your Best Friend


Your immune system is your body’s best friend.

I had the opportunity to lead the creative on this direct-to-client project, developing the concept “Betrayed by Your Best Friend”.   It was essential for viewers to relate to this condition and feel a real sense of danger, but I wanted to avoid anything overly science-y or “scared straight”. So I began searching for effective metaphors: bouncers at a club, a personal bodyguard, your own shadow gone rogue. Then I came across an image of a boy and a giant dog staring intently at each other... what was this relationship? Man’s best friend, or dog’s next lunch? It was perfectly familiar, yet unsettling. Suddenly I had my concept: your immune system is your body’s best friend, just like a boy and his dog.

My pal Alex Deaton helped me art direct, design and animate over the course of 2 weeks. 
We also got a bit of much needed design help from Joash Berkeley.

* All images designed in collaboration with Alex Deaton
* Image 4 animated by Alex Deaton

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