“Life: It comes with things...”

Hot in the Kitchen wrote a script for their client Tucker Allen, an estate planning law firm, and they needed an animation that didn’t feel like the typical explainer video. So they offered us at 90 the opportunity to handle the visual development for the entire piece. Alex and I designed a set of boards to infuse a charming, approachable lightness to some fairly heavy subject matter (planning your will!). Involving us early in the process allowed us to elevate the production value of what could have been just another 2D explainer vid. The mix of 2D and 3D provided a great aethetic as well as some fun technical challenges!

Translating 2D to 3D

I designed Tucker Allen in 2D for a strong illustrated quality. Ultimately, most of the production was done in 3D, though, which meant I had to translate most of my illustration work—including characters—into 3D.

Original Styleframes (top), 3D animated versions (bottom)
3D Snowglobes
3D Characters
Sadly, not all of my 3D trunks made the cut.


Initially, we anticipated the characters would be 2D with minimal action. However, once production started, it was determined that the characters needed more range of motion (yikes). So I scrambled, re-creating my 2D designs into 3D. The rigs were nowhere near perfect, but I sure learned a lot ;)

Original 2D character designs

This bad boy was part of a vintage baseball card collection which was, unfortunately, left on the cutting room floor. That ‘stache tho!

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