Ninja Turtle 3D Character Study

Cowabunga, dudes.

Being a child of the early 90s, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is deeply embedded in my psyche.
So I channeled this into another fun 3d character study. I’ve only had time to finish one turtle so far.

Donatello is the best turtle, don’t @ me.

Some things I wanted to explore:
Character Design I wanted to illustrate the character myself
Cartoony rigs Lots of squash / stretch / exaggerated forms
Animation! I wanted to push my comfort level with a challenging shot
Smears + Duplicates Graphical interpretations of motion blur
Comic Book Style – Half tones, energy lines, etc.

Created in C4D // Rendered with Redshift // Finished in After Effects

I illustrated Donatello in vector, then painted in the shading/volume in Photoshop, before modelling him in C4D.

Early on, I explored a 2d cel-shaded look before deciding on the more realistic rendering style.

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