Onituska Tiger

Japan | A History of Footwear
The Onitsuka Tiger brand represents contemporary fashion with reverence for its own history, "fusing tradition with sophisticated street style."
The Onitsuka Tiger stays true to its rich Japanese heritage, while reflecting a "fashion-forward style." The sneakers are bold and colorful, but the
brand successfully balances that contemporary vibrance with natural materials and wood finishes that evoke a traditional Japanese aesthetic
with the interior design of its boutique shops around the globe.

This concept follows the brand's lead, displaying the Onituska Tiger at the pinnacle of Japanese-influenced fashion. The history of Japanese
footwear is told in a traditional wooden pagoda. Starting from the ground floor and moving up, each level tells the story of a monumental
advancement in Japanese shoe technology.

Geta: Made of wood
Waraji: Made of straw
Onituska Tiger: Made of Japan

Created at SCAD as part of my Motion Media Design MFA.